Keep Work In-House: Why Buy A CNC Plasma Table

Posted on: 8 May 2023

If you aren't doing your CNC cutting in-house, it's time for a change. Many companies think they can save money by outsourcing their cutting projects, but unfortunately, that's often not the case. Outsourcing can increase costs. That's where a CNC plasma table comes into the picture. With a CNC plasma table, you can stop outsourcing your industrial cutting projects. If you're not sure a CNC plasma table is a good investment right now, read the list below. Here are four ways a CNC plasma table can benefit your business. 

Save Time on Projects

When you outsource your cutting projects, you rely on outside schedules. Unfortunately, those schedules don't always meet your needs. Falling behind on schedules can lead to work slowdowns. They can also undermine your customer service. That's where a CNC plasma table comes in handy. When you own a plasma table, you don't need to rely on outside schedules. You can keep your projects in-house to save time and money on your CNC projects. 

Maintain Work Quality

When you send your projects out for cutting, you need to worry about quality. One of the problems is that you can't check for quality until you get your projects back from the shop. Unfortunately, that can lead to costly delays. That's one of the benefits of having a CNC plasma table in the shop. When you have a plasma table, you can do on-the-spot quality assurance inspections. 

Increase Productivity

If productivity is lagging at work, now's the time to invest in a CNC plasma table. When you invest in a plasma table, you can increase productivity. That's because your employees can work on the CNC projects that used to get done offsite. That way, there are no delays while your crew waits for orders to get back to the shop. 

Create Prototypes

If you work with prototypes, you need a plasma table in the shop. Without a plasma table, you need to outsource your prototypes. Outsourcing your prototypes can increase delay times. You also run the risk that your prototypes will get copied. That's where a CNC plasma table becomes beneficial.

When you invest in a CNC plasma table, your prototypes can get cut by your in-house team. This process reduces the wait for your prototypes and decreases the risk of copying. Plus, when you have a plasma table in the shop, you can get more creative with your designs.