How Hiring A General Contractor Can Streamline Your Project

Posted on: 12 January 2023

Working on a commercial construction project often means dealing with multiple contractors to ensure everything comes together correctly. Streamlining the process with a commercial general contractor can speed up the work and make the entire project smoother. 

General Contractors

Construction often happens in phases, and each part of the project needs to happen at the right time. Trying to manage all the parts of a construction project yourself can become challenging, but bringing in a commercial general contractor to oversee the job can help. 

The general contractor has experience working with multiple subcontractors at one time and coordinating everything to ensure nothing gets missed or done at the wrong time. Often the order in which each subcontractor's work is completed is vital, and some things must be done before the next part of the job can begin.

Hiring Subcontractors

Another benefit of working directly with a commercial general contractor is that they can handle the entire rest of the hiring process. The general contractor will locate and hire subcontractors who they are confident can do that job, and a good general contractor will often have a few specific subcontractors that they work with because of the work they produce. 

The general contractor typically has a construction crew that works directly for them, but there are specialty services that may require specific trades to complete. All of the plumbing, electrical, and mechanical work is typically handled by licensed subcontractors. The construction crew will work with them to ensure they have what they need to complete their portion of the project. 

Since the subcontractors will need to do much of their work in the early stages of the construction, coordinating who is on-site and when is essential. If a plumber and an electrician are working on the job at the same time, they can get in each other's way. The general contractor may have one start earlier than the other to get most of the work completed early enough that the other can work behind them and still get both jobs down promptly.

Planning And Design

Commercial construction projects often have an architect or engineer that handles the design work and oversees the entire project. The commercial general contractor must communicate with them throughout the build to ensure the design works. 

If there is a problem with a part of the design, the general contractor needs to go directly to the architect or engineer to make changes. Hiring the general contractor early in the project allows them to be involved in the planning phase, and can help catch things that may look good on the design but cause problems during construction.  

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