Log Home Materials — Plans For Your New Residence

Posted on: 29 December 2022

Many suppliers of log home materials offer a floor plan viewing gallery, a wood selection option, and weather-resistant product kits. Your contractor's guidance will aid in developing a home-building plan that will showcase your style. 

Floor Plans

If you will be buying every material needed to build a log home in its entirety, you may have considered how cost-effective it will be to purchase a material kit from a log home building supplier. A kit will contain every last piece of hardware, trim, and log that will be essential for building a home that will provide you with a durable residence.

A supplier of log home materials may feature an array of floor plans to look over. You can either do this on a supplier's website or by requesting that printed floor plans are mailed directly to you by the material supplier. Your contractor can advise you on how much square footage you will need for the type of home you are wishing to live in.

If you plan on expanding your family, for instance, you may want to explore some of the floor plans that are associated with the larger home styles that a log home material supplier features. A home can contain a loft or can contain multiple floors. A simple home may consist of one wide open space or a series of smaller rooms.

Wood And Weather Resistance

Pine, cypress, and cedar are some wood varieties that many log home suppliers feature. Pine is one of the most traditional wood types to construct a log home. It is plentiful and cost-effective. Cypress and cedar are resistant to some insect varieties. These wood types are also very hardy and resilient to rotting.

A log home material supplier features kits that will be suited for use in all climates. Your contractor can advise you on which type of wood to purchase, based on your budget. Weather-resistant products will maintain their color and texture for years. Before your new log home is constructed, your contractor will need to add a foundation.

A new log home will support the use of a concrete foundation. After your land is cleared and your contractor has pointed out an ideal location for the construction of your new home, they will begin to make plans to add the foundation. You can order a log home kit that contains all of the materials needed to build the home and have it shipped to your address.