4 Signs It's Time To Replace Impact Windows

Posted on: 4 October 2022

Impact windows protect one of the most potentially vulnerable parts of a building from some of the most dangerous forces during catastrophic wind events like tornadoes and hurricanes. That means impact window replacement projects are important. Folks looking at even one of the following four problems should speak with an impact window replacement services provider.

Visible Damage

Any visible damage to the window or the surrounding materials is a sign you should consider replacement options. Especially if you can see pitting or cracks in the window, it's a risky proposition to leave it in place and wait for the next storm. While impact windows provide amazing performance for years, any reduction in their integrity is a risk not worth taking. If your impact window has survived that kind of damage, it has done its job, so thank it for its good service and buy a new one.


Not all forms of damage are as immediately evident as a crack or pit in the window. Some impacts cause the sealed edges to fail in ways that aren't always visible. As much as impact windows are meant to keep flying debris out of a house or other type of building, they should also provide tight seals. These keep water out and also provide solid insulating value to minimize heating and air conditioning losses.

If the window shows signs of condensation, you should make sure it's the only one. Sometimes the window isn't the culprit, and you might see condensation in other windows, too. If it appears to be the one window, then replacing it will prevent moisture exchange with the outside and reduce the risk of water and mold damage.

Louder Exterior Noises

Impact windows should provide decent noise insulation, too. Oftentimes, an uptick in exterior noises getting through is a sign there's an unseen problem. If you can note the difference without finding a reasonable cause for the extra noise, you might need to replace the windows.

Mechanical Operation Issues

Even if the windows have never suffered any storm damage, they may still develop mechanical operation problems with age. If the windows don't open smoothly, that may be a sign you need to replace them. Similarly, the windows should stay open without propping. You should be able to lock the windows with little trouble, too.

Sometimes, these are repairable issues, such as problems with the pulleys. However, you may need impact window replacement services if the window is too defective for repairs. Remember, these are critical safety features. When in doubt, replacement is the right choice.

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