Why You Should Not Put Up With A Slowly Deteriorating Steel Building

Posted on: 2 March 2022

Steel buildings are found in many parts of America, from those that are completely made up of steel, like barns and industrial warehouses, to more residential buildings that only partially include steel. No matter how much steel is involved in your building, there is always going to be the chance that it can deteriorate as steel is not as long-lasting as some other alloys, especially if it is not well maintained. Here are a few signs that your steel building needs repairs and why you should never let it slip beyond the initial stages of deterioration.


Corrosion affects all types of metals and alloys and while rust is the most well-known type of corrosion, there are others that will cause your metal to thin, develop holes, and otherwise become weaker. Any kind of corrosion needs to be addressed by a steel building repair contractor as soon as you notice it, or it can spread and threaten the entire stability of the building. Corrosion is like cancer to steel buildings and it cannot be stressed enough that if you want your structure to last beyond a few more years without serious structural damage, it needs to be fixed.


Sometimes, mainly on fully-steel buildings, you will see walls and large steel panels begin to warp and change their shape. This is not ideal but a lot of people see it mostly as a cosmetic problem, which it is, but it can be so much worse. Any kind of warping is a threat to the load-bearing capacity of that section of the building and, when it comes to a material as heavy as steel, this can be quite a serious problem. Warping doesn't have to be big or all over the building, but if you see it, say something immediately.

Environmental Damage

If your steel building has been through quite a rough storm of any kind, then it is always prudent to get it investigated to ensure that nothing has been shifted out of place. Environmental damage from hurricanes, cyclones, strong thunderstorms, and heavy gusts of wind is quite a major problem for larger buildings with a big surface area. Often this damage is localized to small parts of the structure and can be fixed quite easily, but it still bears investigation to ensure you are not operating in a potentially unsafe environment moving forward. 

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