Three Benefits Of Choosing A Tall Kitchen Island

Posted on: 2 March 2022

The addition of a kitchen island can add extra counter space, storage space, and even a spot for your family to casually eat. If you're working with a kitchen remodeling contractor to plan some big changes to your kitchen, the installation of an island might be on your wish list. One thing to think about is how tall you want the island to be. While some homeowners favor having this structure sit at the same height as their kitchen counter, this isn't the only option that is available to you. Another idea is to have your island taller. Here are some benefits of a taller island.

Better For Your Back

If you're of above-average height, you've likely found that your lower back can get sore from leaning over to work on the existing kitchen countertop, especially when you do so for a long time. When you add an island to your kitchen, you'll likely start to use its countertop to prepare food for cooking and baking. A tall island's countertop will often be a better height for you to use during all sorts of kitchen projects. You won't have to bend over nearly as far when you use this surface, which can result in less pain.

Useful As A Standing Workstation

If you occasionally work from home, you might enjoy trying out different temporary workstations around the house. The kitchen can be useful as a workspace, and while there's nothing wrong with sitting at the kitchen table, you might appreciate some periods of standing. When your new island is taller, you can set your laptop computer up on it — perhaps with a small riser beneath the computer, if needed — and use the island as a makeshift standing desk. Doing so wouldn't be practical with a shorter island, as it wouldn't likely be tall enough for this application.

Visual Variety

While a lot of the things in your kitchen should match, it never hurts to add some visual variety to this space. You may find that a taller island creates more variety than an island that is an equal height to your existing countertop. When you stand at the entrance to the kitchen, the difference in the height between your new island and the countertop will stand out in a good way. To learn more about kitchen islands and discuss adding this structure during your kitchen remodel, speak to a remodeling contractor.