Three Benefits Of Choosing A Warm Color Of Siding

Posted on: 3 December 2021

You may be familiar with the idea of choosing between warm and cool colors when you decorate the interior of your home, but it's worthwhile to consider these two types of hues when you're thinking about changing your exterior siding as well. When you visit a local residential siding supply store, you'll see several different types of vinyl siding that fall under the warm spectrum. Maroon, burnt orange, dark yellow, and other similar colors can all give the exterior of your home a warm appearance. While you might choose one of these siding colors simply because you like the look of it, there are several specific benefits to keep in mind.

Visual Warmth In The Winter

If your area experiences cold temperatures for much of the winter season, you'll often look for ways to add visual warmth to your home. For example, you might use exterior lights that have a warm hue to make your residence look inviting. Don't overlook the value that your color of siding can add during these months. Even if it's cold and windy and there's snow on the ground in your yard, a warm color of siding can add a warm and cozy feel to your property as a whole.

Good Contrast To Your Trim

It's common for the trim and other elements throughout the exterior of your home to be light in color. For example, the trim around your windows and front door will often be white or off-white, while your gutters will also frequently be light in color. Some people don't favor light colors of vinyl siding because there's not enough contrast between the siding and the trim. For example, when you have white trim and light gray siding, everything can look too close in color. Virtually any color of siding that fits into the warm spectrum will provide a desirable level of contrast to the trim and other light elements.

Stylish Match To Your Brick

While some people use vinyl siding over the entirety of their home's exterior walls, others favor creating some contrast by putting brick on the wall that faces the street. If you're leaning toward this decision, you may like the idea of choosing vinyl siding that matches the brick well. Several hues in the warm spectrum can achieve this goal. For example, if you have red brick on the front of the home and maroon siding on the side and back exterior walls, you might like how the entire residence has a unified look.

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