Things To Consider When Having A Deck Railing Installed

Posted on: 3 December 2021

A deck railing can make your deck so much safer. It serves as a barrier, preventing people from stumbling over the edge of the deck. The right deck railing can also add to the aesthetics of your deck, making it look more like its own enclosed space. So, how do you go about choosing a good deck railing? Here are some key things to think about in the process of having one installed.

Choose a taller railing, rather than a shorter one

Taller railings typically cost a little more because they require more material to make. So, you might be tempted to buy a shorter railing because they cost less. However, people are more likely to tumble over a shorter railing, which means it will not be fully doing its job. Some homeowners insurance companies may even charge you more for a policy if your deck railing is too short because it makes being on your deck riskier. You generally want the railing to be at least 3.5 feet tall since this will be high enough to come above most people's waists.

Consider the texture of the railing

People are going to hold the railing as they walk along the deck. If those who are elderly or who have an injury visit your home, then they may need the railing in order to stabilize themselves as they walk on the deck and down any stairs. So, the railing does need to be easy to grip on top. You do not want a natural wood railing that is going to become slippery when wet. If you do want a wood railing, then make sure it is painted with textured paint on the top surface. Otherwise, metal railings with a textured top tend to be a good choice.

Make sure the railing is bolted to the deck floor

Think about the way the railing is attached to the deck. You want your installer to bolt the railing to the deck floor at regular intervals every few feet. You do not just want it attached at the two ends. A deck railing that is poorly attached is not safe, as it may snap off the deck the moment someone leans against it or bumps into it.

If you consider the factors above, you should have better luck choosing a deck railing that is safe and that truly suits your needs as a homeowner.