Gutter Information New Homeowners May Not Appreciate

Posted on: 1 December 2021

Gutters are often a part of a home's roofing system that can be easy to overlook. This is particularly true for new homeowners that are not informed about the various parts of their homes.

1. Gutters Will Provide Important Protection

It is often the case that a homeowner may not fully appreciate the role that their gutters will play in their homes. In reality, the gutter system will be able to provide a home with more effective control of the runoff from the roof. If the roof's runoff is not effectively managed, it can increase the chances of the sides of the house suffering water damage. Additionally, it can the runoff can damage the foundation of the house by washing away the soil that supports it as well as seeping into the concrete foundation. These benefits can make the gutters a simple but extremely important part of your home.

2. A Gutter System Will Require Some Maintenance

The gutters will need to be kept clean to remain functional. When large numbers of leaves and other debris can gather in the gutters, they can create obstructions that will be able to stop the runoff from flowing through the gutter system. Either cleaning the gutters yourself or having a professional do this once a year can help to keep them clear of debris so that water can flow through them. Having protective screens installed over the gutters can help to reduce this problem by intercepting the leaves before they can enter the gutters. To be as effective as possible, the screens will need to be securely attached to the gutters so that they will be far less likely to shift position during strong winds.

3. Strong Storms Can Cause Damage to Gutter Systems

After strong storms move through your area, the gutters and the screen guard should be inspected for signs of damage. In addition to the ability of strong winds to remove these components from the roof, the large hailstones that these storms may produce can strike the gutters with enough force to warp and dislodge these components. By taking a few moments after any major storms to inspect the gutters for signs of damage, you will be far more likely to catch these issues and have them repaired before leaks and other problems can lead to water damage occurring to the home's exterior or foundation. 

To learn more, contact gutter installation companies.