Repairing Your Appliances: A Guide To Getting The Right Parts For Minor Repairs

Posted on: 29 November 2021

When an appliance breaks down, it is always a headache to find the right parts. In many cases, the part is obsolete and no longer available. In others, you do not know if you are getting a quality part. It is even more problematic if you find a replacement part for your appliance, but you do not know how to install it. The following appliance repair guide will help you find the right parts and fix your appliances:

Common Parts That Break Often

There are a few parts in your appliances that will break often. When they do, it's good to have replacements on hand so you can get them fixed immediately. The most common parts that often break in appliances are the following:

  • Lamps—Tubes burn out and can be replaced. However, if you need to replace the socket, this is a difficult procedure that anyone who isn't well-versed in appliance repair should not be attempted. If your lamp burns out frequently, it might be because of a bad switch. If you purchased the lamp new and it has broken after a short time, this could mean that you purchased a lamp with a faulty switch. You can buy replacement switches online or at your local hardware store.
  • Tubing—Water heaters and refrigerators often have plastic tubing that connects various components together. These tubes can become brittle over time and may need to be replaced. Check the tubing for cracks and splits before purchasing replacements.
  • Fans—The fan motor can become worn out over time and require replacement. This is an easy fix that requires only a screwdriver, but you must purchase the correct fan motor for your appliance if you want to avoid problems later on.
  • Door Seals—If your refrigerator seals are ripped or torn, they may need to be replaced. This job requires some basic plumbing skills as well as special tools, but it isn't particularly difficult.

In addition, you might need other appliance parts, such as thermostats, coils on refrigerators, and control units for appliances.

How to Find the Right Part

There are two ways to find the right part for your appliance repair project. The first option is to contact the manufacturer of your appliance. With this, you will need to look for the model number on the back panel or label on the inside of the door jam of the appliance.

The second option is to contact an online appliance parts service. Many companies specialize in selling only replacement parts for various appliances. These suppliers can be incredibly helpful in finding the right part for your appliance repair. It's worth checking them out if you're having trouble finding what you need elsewhere.

Save money by fixing less expensive appliances yourself, and contact an appliance parts supplier to get what you need to repair your appliances. They can provide further information regarding appliance replacement parts.