Are Your Water Quality Levels Healthy? Here Are The Symptoms Of Water Imbalances

Posted on: 29 November 2021

Are you concerned about the water quality of your well? There are multiple warning signs, but it is hard for most people to know if their water quality is unhealthy. Most people do not get sick from drinking tap water or well water. To complicate matters, human bodies can acclimate to poor water quality over time so that a person may feel fine even though the water is making them sick. Are you aware of what some of these warning signs are?

Warning Signs of Bad Water

In addition to diseases, poor water quality can also contribute to numerous other health problems, including migraines and neurological disorders. Signs of poor water quality issues include:

  • Sulfur-smells and rusty water—Sulfur in water can come from a variety of sources, including hot springs or underground volcanic activity. The smell of sulfur indicates the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas.
  • Stained clothing or skin—In addition to discoloring clothes and sink fixtures, high levels of iron in your water can actually stain your skin! Iron is absorbed by your body when ingested or absorbed through the skin. In high concentrations, it becomes toxic to your cells and tissues.
  • Slower hair growth or dry hair—Your hair is essentially made up of proteins that are broken down by bacteria in your hair follicle. High levels of nitrates or nitrites in water can cause this process to advance, which leads to dry, brittle hair or slower hair growth.
  • Black residue from plumbing fixtures—Black stains around sinks and toilets usually indicate high levels of iron in the water. Iron buildup can clog plumbing lines and cause leaks over time.
  • Water that tastes bad or smells horrible—Sometimes, you can't see or smell the problem with your water until you turn on the tap. If you notice that your water has a bad smell or taste, then it is a good idea to have your well tested.

The water in your home is a reflection of the environment you live in. It's a key component to creating a healthy, nurturing home. The source of this water, whether it is from a local well or even a stream or river, can have a direct effect on your family's health and well-being.

Should You Test Your Well Water?

Should you test the water in your well? There are many reasons to want to test the water coming from your well. One of the benefits of having a well is the clean, fresh taste of water from a well. Therefore, you should test your water quality regularly to make sure it's safe for drinking and cooking.

Contact a water well testing service for more information.