A Submersible Well Pump Could Be The Best Pump For Your Private Well

Posted on: 29 November 2021

If you're putting in a well for the first time or if your current well needs a new pump, your well contractor might recommend you get a submersible pump. A submersible well pump can be used for both shallow and deep wells, so it's a good choice. Here's how one of these well pumps work and why they are popular with well owners.

A Submersible Well Pump Is Kept Underwater

A submersible well pump needs to be underwater in order to work. While this pump can be used in wells of all depths, they are recommended for deep wells. Jet pumps can also work with shallow and moderate depth wells, and centrifugal pumps can be used on some deep wells, but when your well is hundreds of feet deep, your contractor will probably choose a submersible pump that's placed in the bottom of the well to push water to the surface.

The motor of the pump is sealed so it is isolated from the water. When the motor turns on, impellers pull water in the pump and send it to a holding tank in your house.

A Submersible Well Pump Needs Few Repairs

This type of pump is well-built and durable so it lasts a long time without the need for repairs. A submersible pump could last a couple of decades without developing problems. This is one reason a pump is a popular option. Plus, unlike pumps that are above the ground, submersible pumps don't have a tendency to lose prime. Since they are below water, they don't suck in air.

Another benefit of a submersible pump is that you can't hear it running like you would a pump that has a motor above the ground. These pumps are also efficient to run so that might help save on operating costs over the years.

The downside to a submersible pump is that since it is below the ground and below the water, you can't attempt DIY repairs when something goes wrong. Instead, a well contractor has to pull the pump out of the well to examine it and repair or replace the pump. However, since one of these pumps is durable, you might not have to deal with repairs until the pump is at the end of its life.

Like all well pumps, submersible pumps come in different sizes. You may want the contractor to calculate the size of your new pump based on the number of people living in your home and the number of appliances that use water. Having the right size pump is important so you'll always have water when you need it.

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