Finding And Repairing Potential Problems With Your Fire Sprinkler System

Posted on: 23 November 2021

In the event of a fire starting in your business, the fire sprinklers that you have installed can play an integral role in extinguishing the flames so that the damage to the building will as limited as possible. While fire sprinkler systems are normally reliable, there can be instances where they may need to undergo repairs to keep the building protected.

Corrosion Forming On The Pipes And Sprinklers

One of the major sources of damage for a fire sprinkler system will be the formation of corrosion on the exterior or the interior of the fire sprinkler system. Over the years, it can be possible for extensive corrosion to form on the exterior or interior of the pipes that store the water for the sprinkler system. Eventually, this corrosion can weaken the pipes enough to allow water to leak out. Corrosion on the sprinkler head is another common problem that can impair its performance as the corrosion may block the sprinkler head from activating.

Warping Of The Pipes

Individuals will often assume that their fire sprinkler system will be safe from accidental damage due to it being located on the ceiling. However, it is possible for individuals to accidentally bump into these sprinklers when they are carrying tall items. For example, a person that is attempting to move a ladder could accidentally strike the sprinklers with enough force to actually warp the pipes. Depending on the extent of the warping, the damage to the pipes may actually block the flow of water. Whenever you notice that your sprinkler system pipes have apparent impact damage, they should be inspected by a professional fire sprinkler repair contractor to assess the extent of the damage and the possible repairs that may be needed.

Failure To Activate During Isolated Fires

Unfortunately, it is often the case that a business leader will be unaware that there is a problem with their sprinkler system until a fire occurs. If you notice that the sprinkler system in one part of the building failed to activate when a small fire started, the entire system throughout the building should be inspected. In some cases, there may have been mistakes during the installation or some of the core components of the system may have degraded over the years. A comprehensive inspection will help to identify the source of the problem, which can allow for it to be repaired so that the fire sprinkler system will be able to offer effective protection.

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